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My latest editorial is fiiiiinally up on The Pulp Zine.
Photography & Styling by me.
Model Elisha van Rijswijk & clothing by Jessica Shaw

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Anonymous said: Kill yourself


Oh yes just for you


Humorous Movie Marquee Mash-Ups

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"I once had to say this on a show many years ago, and I truly believe it: Loneliness is a choice. I like to be alone; I’m more comfortable alone. But I do recognise that I take it too far sometimes and so I try to force myself to keep up with being sociable. I just am a bit of a lone ranger; I always have been. But I don’t believe that necessarily has to translate to being lonely. You can be lonely in a crowd of a thousand people. I can be in a hotel room on my own, and not feel lonely. It all comes down to how comfortable you are with who you are in the silence."

- Gillian Anderson (via allweare-juststories)

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